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What Is Narcolepsy?

While narcolepsy is typically a very uncommon condition, there are thousands who do not realize they have such a condition. It does seem strange to think that someone could go through life with narcolepsy without knowing it but many do simply because they think they’re just extra tired. For some, they have had sleepless nights or believe they’ve somehow had less sleep and that is causing them to feel tired. For many others, they think it’s down to their diets and think nothing of narcolepsy. However, this can be a very serious condition and it’s something which can change a life entirely.

What Is Narcolepsy?

This condition is as said rare in a sense as it only affects a small number throughout the world and yet, it is fast becoming a common condition in many parts of the world. Sleep apnea is often mistaken for narcolepsy but in truth, narcolepsy is a disorder of the nervous system. This causes someone to fall asleep unexpectedly and it can last anything from thirty seconds to fifteen minutes. However, usually once someone has experienced a spell of narcolepsy, they wake up feel refreshed. Many people see an extreme form of the condition and cause them to feel generally far more tired throughout the daytime.

How to know if you’re At Risk of Narcolepsy?

The symptoms of the condition usually come in the form of excessive sleeping and tiredness throughout the day. Sufferers will usually have an overwhelming urge to sleep and can often fall asleep for short periods of time too. These naps can be generally short, for less than fifteen minutes, but can experience other sleep problems. For most, it’s a short nap that does the trick but for many others it can be prolonged naps that help them overcome this issue. A lot of people think it’s down to a shift work sleep disorder and the fact they’re working odd shifts. In a way, having disrupted sleep patterns can potentially bring on the condition.

Fighting Back

To be honest, if you are stressed out and have been working a little more than you are used to, it may trigger a bout of narcolepsy. However, there are a host of reasons why someone might go through these spells. For instance, if there is a history within the family then someone may be more inclined to go through this but not always. There are many who have been under great stress and have found themselves going through narcolepsy. Sometimes it is down to genetics but other times it can be down to disruption from shift work and other factors. There isn’t a cure for this condition as yet but it can be managed by a doctor so that it doesn’t overtake your regular lifestyle.

Seek Help and Fight Against Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy can be life-changing in a big way because while it can cause someone to have a little power nap for a few moments, it can cause others to sleep for hours on end. That is why it’s important to seek help from a doctor as quickly as possible so that the condition can be managed as best as possible. It can be a shift work sleep disorder and that once you go back to regular hours it disappears, however, you need to be sure so it can be monitored properly.

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